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May 4, 2009
What the EFF is swine flu anyway?

Everyone is going INSANE over swine flu. What the eff is the big deal? I tried to look it up on Wikipedia but those articles read like a third grader wrote them. I could really give a snit what it is, where it came from, or who has it – I’m just TIRED of hearing about it.

Sure, it’s a strange new strain of flu, but this isn’t the first time there has been a strange new flu. Every flu season the virus mutates into something new and different so really there’s no telling when it will mutate into a new more fatal disease. My first question is what is REALLY happening in the world that needs our attention diverted? What’s going on in the world while the trusty handy dandy media is talking about pig bugs?

Today, just before summer break, all the children in the area are locked up tightly in their homes instead of finishing out their school year. I always loved the last month or so of school, the last week was my absolute favorite. I actually had a dream last night about the last day of school, it was so great that I woke up then went back to sleep and was lucky enough to make it right back in the dream where I had left off.

So are they going to do this EVERY time the flu mutates? We’ll have fall break, winter break, spring break, FLU break, then summer break? When I was a kid they talked about switching everyone to year round school, now I wonder when they actually go to school. I swear, if I go to the wal-mart and see people wearing face masks I will laugh and point.

West Nile was supposed to kill off half of North America. I got an “unidentified virus” (as the hospital diagnosed it) right when that scare happened just before they had tests readily available. It felt like some weird sickness you’d get in the West Nile too, it wasn’t like the ordinary flu. My mom made me go to the hospital (me and doctors don’t get along) and they sent me home hydrated, tested, x-rayed, and BROKE with a $1000 hospital bill.

I read online that Zachary Quinto, Spock in the new Star Trek movie has a routine to avoid swine flu when he goes into public of putting antibacterial ointment in his nose (even though swine flu is a virus…), drinking a ton of water, and popping zicam (basically the modernized version of those nasty zinc tablets your grandparents used to have) like it’s candy. Gotta love the brightest bulb in the box.

I ain’t afraid of no pig bugs. My solution to the flu is to be safe and clean but don’t be afraid of getting it. Take the clue when you start feeling crappy, don’t deny getting sick. Know your body well enough to get caught up with your work ahead of time and plan your sick days to where they can coordinate with your schedule. When you get it and feel like you shouldn’t get out of bed, DON’T! Stay in bed, don’t try to tough it out. Rest and let your body fight it off. If you can just let your body focus on doing it’s job instead of trying to tough through it and do things like go to work where you can spread your nasties to everyone else, you can reduce sick time from two weeks to a few days.