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And I Thought MY Teachers Were On Crack…

February 19, 2009

I know that we all called some of our teachers crackheads, but this guy really takes the cake. William Horseman, a teacher somewhere ‘over the pond’ fessed up to smoking crack for several months. He said his reasons were problems at home, stress, yadda yadda yadda… but the kicker is, they let him keep his job!

While hooked on crack he fell asleep during lessons, field trips, amongst other behaviors unbecoming of someone molding the leaders, or crackheads, of tomorrow. But of course, he said he was sorry and learned his lesson, so the powers that be said “Ok, we’ll give you a mulligan. Don’t screw it up this time!” Of course he’s under review, and his employers have to give regular evaluations of his performance, but still if you’re dumb enough to smoke crack and fall asleep while teaching a class you deserve to be cleaning grease traps at Mooby Burger.

I’m all about second chances. I’m all about recovery. But when it comes to kids there should be a no tolerance policy, right? I know a police officer that was busted for having cocaine in his desk and it ruined his life. Sure he was protecting the public, keeping our streets safe and what not but what about teachers? Shouldn’t we expect to have ANYTHING less than a crackhead teaching out kids?

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