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The Crack in the Middle of Ireland

February 24, 2009

Over the past few years I’ve been seeing 3-D street paintings all over the internet, but the Crevasse by far takes the cake. I’m sure you’ve seen them, from one angle they’re eye-popping optical images that you would swear were not flush with the sidewalk, but from any other angle they look like strangely distorted stretched pictures.

German artist Edgar Mueller’s latest creation is of a giant crag splitting the earth and revealing a frozen glacial canyon. Tourists love taking pictures from the correct angle depicting themselves nearly falling in, hovering in the middle like a super hero, and any other trite fun you can have with a giant 3-D image of a split in the earth.

Mueller’s other works include a city street which, from the proper angle, appears to have fallen in, molten magma dripping from the cracks into a flowing blue river. This has to be the most stunning sidewalk art that I’ve ever seen.

A while back I got to see the art of sculptor Ron Mueck at the Fort Worth Modern. The work he created was so lifelike the only way to tell what was real was the extreme size differences from normalcy. One of the cornerstone pieces of the exhibit was a gigantic lifelike replica of a newborn baby. Like fresh out the oven baby with goo all over it still. THAT was absolutely amazing after I realized what was up, the first time I saw the thing I was upstairs and looked over a balcony down and before me was a giant bloody baby. I thought I had finally gone crazy, or some weird Emily Rose stuff was happening to me.

Check out the full story on Edgar Mueller and a video of how he painted “The Crevasse”.