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The Fuzz Always Tryin to Get a Crackah.

February 23, 2009

Remember a bit back when that woman Heidi Gill was handcuffed and tasered by police? Well, the decided to drop the charges of her lying to police… because the officer, Richard Kovach was facing federal charges himself.

I grew up with a cop, and around a lot of them. It’s no secret that amongst the good there are power hungry little boys playing cops and robbers. I had an incident a few years back with a dirty cop, to this day it’s the only time I’ve had a loaded weapon drawn on me.

An ex of mine and I were at the park and heard some bustle by the car so we decided to leave, and as we did there was a big group of guys standing around in the parking lot. As we awkwardly got in the car and they all split up I noticed a kid sitting on the ground battered and bruised.

I called the police, then saw an officer approaching so hung up with 911 and talked to the cop directly. She told me to go ahead and leave, which I did, but the same sow pulled me over 5 minutes later, came to my window with her gun drawn, and accused me of being the ring leader of the fight club that we had apparently just walked up on.

Once the stupid (insert word I don’t use here) realized I didn’t have anything to do with it, she pulled the sappy bullshit “I’m just a woman out here by my self bluh bluh bluh”. I took charge, got her badge number, and immediately called the Arlington police department and filed a report on her. She ended up getting suspended and having to take anger management and sensitivity classes.


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