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Make the bad memories go away!!!

February 18, 2009
Apparently a drug has been created to erase bad memories. That’s right folks, forget AIDS, forget cancer, there is now a cure to “unsee” something. Finally you can take a pill and *poof*, no more 2girls1cup, 2guys1horse, or that foul woman having explosive diarrhea in the hot tub.

Beta blockers, usually given to heart disease patients, are now believed to have memory erasing properties. Basically the tests conducted have shown that the test subjects taking beta blockers are less skiddish when startled. What I gathered from the article is during the tests they’re shown creepy videos of spiders then given beta blockers. After that the scientists scare the hell out of them for a while and see if they blink.

So what would a world be like if we could just pop a pill and totally forget what happened? I could see it getting totally out of control, like popping a Memory Eraser after banging the ugly chick at the bar.

Personally I think the traumatic experiences we have in our lives are what make us stronger, you gotta confront situations instead of popping a pill to forget whatever traumatic experience you had.

Check out the article here: Pill To Erase Bad Memories