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November 28, 2008




This woman has totally won my love. Now that she is confirmably not in charge of a country she seems to be becoming the Tina Fey version of herself.

I love the fact that she says she’s IN CHARGE OF THE TURKEY for thanksgiving! I mean the way the camera is positioned perfectly framing the redneck SLAUGHTERING turkeys behind her while she is there to “pardon” a turkey, it HAD to be set up. Even her speech is tongue in cheek…

So is this Sarah Palin just being Sarah Palin or is she embracing what America now sees her as, and what the rest of the higher up GOP’s seem to love about her? People like the moose-hunting god fearing Palin, she’s like the REAL church lady of the 21st century. Dana Carvey has NOTHING on her.

Has anyone else noticed that the past few times she’s made a public appearance she has been a horrible “epitome” of herself in a way? Like a Palin Characature…