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Adolf the Dog

February 23, 2009

Scroll back a bit to my blog about little Adolf Hitler’s birthday cake. The poor kid, and his two siblings with nazi related names, have a dog just waiting for them at a dog pound in germany, little Adolf the Dog.

Adolf, the dog of a old Nazi nut who goes by “Roland T”, a car salesman in Berlin, has been placed with animal control after his owner was jailed for TEACHING HIS DOG A NAZI SALUTE!

That’s right! Just like in the picture, the cute little german shepherd mix will raise his paw all the way up to give a proper “Howl Hitler”. Apparently the police had gone easy on his previous nazi-related behavior because of a brain injury but when Roland T bragged to the police about how he taught his dog to throw a Heil Hitler, which is illegal in Germany, they took his ass straight to jail.

Germany takes this “we ain’t nazi’s no more” business pretty seriously! Now that the crazy bastard is jailed and the dog is in custody, the workers with the animal shelter have been trying to train little Adolf the Dog to stop raising his little paw so high.

I think little Adolf Hitler Campbell’s parents need to make a trip to Germany and adopt a dog. I mean really, how much more white trash would that be?


Why The Lowest Common Denominator of Society MUST Be Sterilized.

December 18, 2008
In the small community of Holland Township two bizarre, strange people, Heath and Deborah Campbell, decided to reproduce. Even though this EXACTLY demonstrates why some people should be sterilized, that isn’t my point. My point is these two sick fuckers are child abusers even if they never touched their kids in the pants or otherwise laid a hand on them.

The reason I feel these two sick bastards are guilty of child abuse is the names they gave their children: JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Adolf Hitler Campbell. That is just SICK. Why is this child abuse? Because they cast their children as bigots before they even had the chance to decide for themselves.

It’s one thing to hate from your own heart, but it’s a totally different situation to project that hate from innocent children who are totally ignorant to the meanings of their names. Not only that, little Adolf is going to get his ass kicked straight through school, scratch that – through LIFE. Who will ever take this kid seriously?

There is no way around it, this is child abuse plain and simple. Mr and Ms Bigot in New Jersey should have their children taken away, names changed and placed in real homes, and Mr and Ms Bigot should be sterilized.

Given my parents had a sick sense of humor naming me Justin Thyme, it’s one thing to give your child an unconventional name and a totally different subject when you brand your child as a hate monger.

Your child is not an extension of your fucked up beliefs. Your child is not an expression of your opinion. Your child is a human being that deserves a chance to make their own mistakes, not live out the one that you made for them.

I would take joy in watching these sick fools suffer, but I guess white trash is as white trash does.