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Ron Paul say "Let Them Smoke Trees"!

February 22, 2009
I have a bit of renewed faith in the direction of the republican party now, Ron Paul, one of the typical old rich white men that run this country, has PUBLICALLY declared that the war on drugs needed to end. When FDR came into office he abolished prohibition because people liked liquor. Now, undeniably, American’s love the hell out of pot. No carbs, NO chance of overdose kills SIGNIFICANTLY less brain cells than alcohol (which is like pouring acid straight onto your brain) and you can’t puke it all over yourself then try and give your friend a hug while saying “I love you man!”

I totally agree with Ron Paul. First of all I think alcohol SHOULD be illegal because the shit is DANGEROUS. Why isn’t it illegal? Well first off a good majority of Americans are alcoholics, many of them being the people that run our country. Like George W Bush. It was completely obvious to anyone who’s known an alcoholic in their lives that Dub-Yah was drankin for at least the last year of his presidency. I’m sorry but sober people don’t have noses THAT red; and intelligent sober people can READ A FREAKIN TELEPROMPTER.

I had my own little bout with the drug war. I was pulled over one time in Colleyville, TX. The officer swore my car smelled like the ganja which I knew for a fact there was no way it could have, you have to smoke it or at least have it in the car for it to smell. So he called another officer, he agreed, so my right to privacy was completely thrown out the window with the two words “probable cause”. Since it’s like there was a bomb in there and everything, I was a completely dangerous individual.

I told the guy that there was a bottle of patchouli in the console which is probably what he smelled. He found the bottle, then as he dug around between the driver’s seat and the console he retrieved – GASP – a cigarette style one hitter pot pipe which I didn’t even know was there. I shared the car at the time so it could’ve fallen out of a pocket or any number of accidental scenarios for that matter. But none the less, he found it.


When he arrested me he said, “you’re going to jail for possession of drug paraphernalia, son.” Like he found a freakin crack pipe or something. I was so pissed. I knew it was going to be thousands of dollars or something to get me out, so when I heard $350 I was at least somewhat relieved. Now, if you google my full name either the first or second thing that pops up is some douchbag bitch named Linda Baker blog which is basically the City of Colleyville’s police blotter. I think the woman should have (insert the C-Word, since I know that word bothers a lot of you girls) Tattooed across her forehead. I hope this page comes up when she does a search on her own name just so she can see how much of a C#NT I think she is. Damnit, I said that word anyway.

Ron Paul is totally right, we need another FDR to come along and say, in a Joan of Arc manner, “Let them smoke pot!” and start …dealing… down the national debt.

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