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May 8, 2009

Earlier today I did a search in the App Store for “fart”. I wasn’t surprised at all that more than 25 free and paid apps pooped up, toilet humor is a complete cash cow. Amongst the top 25 were 7 free apps and here they are.

Atomic Fart FREE ****
FAR Apps
You’re given three options – fart list to select individual farts, a timer for delayed farts, and a fart drum set. The fart drum set has a freestyle or simon says mode where you repeat the rhythm of the squishy farts. I laughed pretty hard.

Fart for Free ***
Gabe Jacobs Productions
This is a very simple press-and-hear fart machine with 16 AMAZINGLY HILLARIOUS fart noises. There are no frills here, just plain old dirty fart noises. The long, lingering farts KILLED me.

Fart Piano Free ****
ObjectGraph LLC
This one is PERFECT for orchestrating your own fart symphony. It comes with three sound boards (dry, wet, and “sampler”) which generates pretty good tones for imitating flatulence.

Fart Coushion *
Basic timed fart. It farts as soon as it opens so it looses a star for covertness. I’ll most likely delete it.

BarnacleJive Sofrware
I was not impressed AT ALL with this little tooter. There were 6 basic farts to choose from and the sound quality eats ass. And to top it off they aren’t even that humorous, just nasty little farts.

Easy Fart ****
This one is definitely giggly. It comes with 12 illustrated farts from Angel to Old man. You can adjust the speed and with the full version you can control it with Apple Remote! Stinky wet fun.

Fart Songs! LITE **
Logic Twilight
Fart songs is getting deleted as soon as I finish writing this. The tone is way off and it starts out with a crappy quality introduction stating the name of their company. No fun features, crappy fart sounds, and it’s ugly. LAME!