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a social network for myspace and facebook to give swirlies to.

February 26, 2009

I have been on MySpace for about 4 years now, to this day on MySpace I have 523 blog posts and 16,105 visitors and I haven’t even really touched that thing in a while. Anyway, the point is, although MySpace is fun it’s more or less geared for the mindless and bored. A European country however has developed their own social network organized through a network of famous museums. So it’s like a social network for the intelligent!

On this upcoming website you can talk to your smart friends, start smart-sounding groups about Matisse or Queen Victoria instead of the “UFO Alliance”, “Planet X”, “Spiritual Gathering”, “Bitch + The Exciting Conclusion Fan Club”, and “The Exoterran Rights Movement” groups that I joined up with on MySpace. Doesn’t this just sound like a website that other social networks would push down to steal it’s lunch money?

Things like this are always a lot of fun, believe me I’ve hit up a lot of different social networks and really it always comes back to two, the ‘Space and the ‘Face (MySpace and facebook for those of you who are network declined). Who knows, maybe someday another will pop up will the same drawing power as the ‘Space and the ‘Face but until then those two remain the King and Queen of the internet in my heart.

Check it out here.