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A Night of Twisted Brain Cinema…

February 26, 2009
I slept like a log last night, but apparently my biological clock was ticking out of control. I had some strange, twisted dreams that were far too real… They say that through a night you have 7 dreams but you only remember a couple. Last night I remembered two. And they SUCKED.

In the first dream I was about to be a father. I was hanging out with “the daddy club” aka my friends that have kids, Shawn and Zac. We were all really excited because I was about to join “the Daddy Club”, and my surrogate had a little girl and in the process of her dream I watched her grow up. She was a really cute little girl with blonde hair and looked like a cuter, more feminine me.

The next dream I was sitting at the Peanut Butter Café with my high school Government and Sociology teacher Susan Landon, one of my exes, and the guy my ex was dating in the dream. As Susan sat down with a bottle of wine, de-corking it, she started a conversation about how weird it is when people invite their exes to their weddings. I agreed but then my ex’s dream boyfriend said “oh well I hope that’s different this time because we want you to come to our wedding!” and I was like “and you can suck a glock” but not really, in the dream I laughed at them like you do at an old couple who tells you they’re going skydiving. It’s like “great, have fun, but you’re 90 and your bones are made of dust.”