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GOTTA Love Creative Nerds.

February 22, 2009
I have never owned a brand new computer. Every PC I’ve had has been handed down to me, then modified, then upgraded, until it becomes a Frankenputer. The guys at Steampunk have created desktop computer case mod which looks like something out of an old silent sci-fi movie.
I used to collect computer parts, like memory, video cards, monitors, my old closet looked like I got a PC drunk and it threw up everywhere. A year ago I got rid of the lot of it, now it’s just me and the laptop. An ex of mine called me out of nowhere the other day to ask what I had done with a ziplock baggy full of sticks of memory we had at one point because he was convinced the computer he had taken with him had less on it than before. Asking this is like asking an accountant what he did with that abacus he used to have, considering the bag was full of 10mb sticks…

At most computer geek Mecca’s like Quake Con you see all KINDS of case mods, like full PC hardware setup in a cardboard box, and they’re playing Call of Duty on it or something. I don’t know all the PC games anymore, my laptop barely plays solitaire. But it blogs!

I would rock the hell out of this Frankenputer though, I think it needs to be in my mansion when I buy it. Check out all the pics on Flikr.