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That's just tacky.

January 30, 2009

Dear Diary,

When a tacky straight man throws a girl a bad pick up line and gets shot down, he grabs his crotch and grunts with his buddies.

When a tacky gay man throws another guy a bad pick up line and gets shot down, he flips out and takes every rejection he’s ever gotten in his life out on you then runs away and cries.

NO JOKE, earlier a guy sends me a message which said:

“Are you really 6’8″? OMG excuse me real quick while I go blow a load all over myself real quick…. ok I’m back.”

So I said:

“Seriously, do people really throw out any kind of tact when they get online? What about a “hi, hows it going?” before jumping to “I just blew a load all over myself”?”

And the guy got upset! F’real, kids, we are NOT street people around here! Who would get turned on by that? Have people seriously forgotten COMPLETELY how to talk to a prospective suitor? Or is it all just about blowing loads all over yourself?

The guy was halfway attractive until he started talking about blowing loads on himself. I wonder if I met this guy in person, would he be the shy, mistreated shell of a man that he really is or just walk up to me with his dick in his hand spooging everywhere???

I feel like I should have paid the guy for the laugh I got, and the blog fodder.